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Engasjér deg!

Å være en del av Global Voices, enten som leser eller bidragsyter, kan være en veldig tilfredsstillende erfaring. Hvis du ønsker mer informasjon om Global Voices, se våre FAQ.

Her er noen enkle måter du kan engasjere deg på:

Følg lenkene

The best way to support emerging citizen media around the world is to visit the blogs and websites we highlight in the stories on this website. Follow the links, leave comments and let the bloggers know you are reading from abroad.

If you’re a blogger yourself, we challenge you to seek out local perspectives from around the world and begin to engage and react to blogs from other countries. Look beyond traditional mainstream media. The global conversation begins with you!


Keep in touch with us. Subscribe to our daily, weekly, or special announcement emails. Follow our Twitter feed. Or connect with us on Facebook.

Send inn lenker og ideer til artikler

Our regional and language editors always welcome suggestions and ideas for stories. Our focus is citizen media from regions or countries that are scarcely mentioned in international media – or marginalized voices from any country.

If you know a blog or website we should be linking to (maybe your own?) please send us links. Also tell us who it’s by, and what it’s about.

To reach an editor, just select a region in our contact form and email them.

Bli skribent

Global Voices depends on a team of incredible volunteer authors to report on the daily conversations occurring in blogging communities around the world. Do you blog from or about a region or country that is ignored by traditional media? Do you follow the “conversation” in the blogosphere in your own country or some other country you know well?

If you would like to help us improve our coverage, please contact the appropriate editor for details about how to contribute articles summarizing the activity from your country’s blogosphere.

To reach an editor, just select a region in our contact form and email them.

Hjelp oss å oversette

The stories on Global Voices are often translated into multiple languages by our Lingua translators who help maintain Global Voices websites in Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic and all the languages you can see in the header at the top of this website. You’re welcome to join as a volunteer translator or proofreader.

If your language is missing from the lineup, you can even volunteer to start a new Lingua website, and build your own team.

Delta i prosjektene våre

Global Voices has a series of projects including Global Voices Advocacy, Rising Voices, Threatened Voices, and the Technology for Transparency network that also need your help. Take a look!


If you are able to make a donation, we are grateful for any amount.

Bannere og nyhetsstrømmer

Bloggers around the world — please link to Global Voices! If you support us then show it with a badge on your own blog (see code here).

You are also welcome to embed any of our many RSS feeds on topics (like “China” or “freedom of expression”) directly on your website.

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